Heavy Rider Wheels

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Why shouldn't bigger guys have great high performance wheels too! Wheels that are both tough and light, tough and aerodynamic. That's what we have specialised in for many years now. Designing and manufacturing our own rims and marrying them to super strong hubs and spokes - and critically: having the knowledge and expertise to build them with spoke systems that can take the much bigger forces that heavy riders generate.

We've had so many customers who have been sold 20/24 spoke wheels by bike shops - or had the same recommended to them by online shops. These may be fine for 150 pound riders. But if you weigh 220 pounds or 300 pounds ( approx 100kg to 150kg)  - you need something altogether different. Not only wheels with more spokes - but wheels with spoke lacing arrangements designed specifically to minimise stress under load.

There is both a science and an art to building our wheels.